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Oxygen Cylinders

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HomeOxygen Cylinders
Portable oxygen cylinders for purchase and rental, plus all the supplies and parts you'll need including a refilling and retesting service, oxygen conservers, regulators and valves, oxygen tubing, oxygen face masks and nasal cannulae
The air we breathe contains 21% oxygen - a gas vital to every cell in your body. People with lung problems or other medical complaints such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) Emphysema, hypoxemia (not enough Oxygen), Congestive Heart Failure or other heart problems often have to work much harder to obtain all the oxygen they require.
The extra effort involved causes breathlessness and tiredness, particularly after walking or exertion. Doctors have found that breathing a higher concentration of oxygen can help to reduce these symptoms.
For those of us with normal lung functions and no medical conditions breathing higher oxygen levels may help boost energy and increase mental concentration, help with sports performance or alleviate the symptoms of a hangover or jet lag or can just make us feel invigorated and more alive !
we strongly recommend that you talk to your own GP should you require oxygen for a specific medical condition prior to ordering.

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